luni, 24 ianuarie 2011

Surfin' Knots No. 5

s it time for another Surfin' Knots? Golly I hope so cos No. 5's here already. The theme this time is Cinema Dreams. the tune may be from a soundtrack such as a Bond film or Western or merely suggested by theme or title. Reminds me of a little story I heard once.

After the budding filmmaker made his first critically acclaimed 16mm film about the fishmongers of New York, Hollywood heard about it and summoned him to the California Sun to make a 35mm extravaganza. He had studied classics such as King Kong and was aware that even greats like Henry Mancini composed tunes such as Banzai Pipeline for low budget surf exploitation movies. Not every director could hope to direct a classic such as Gone With the Wind and he had to decide whether he was Man or Mancini. Even Napoleon had gone solo on occasions. He thought of pictures with statuettes of Maltese Falcons and even Moorish Idols. He pondered who had killed 007 by making ever more ridiculous versions of his movies and talking of ridiculous he just hoped he wouldn't have to direct the next Scooby Doo flick. He knew he wouldn't be easily swayed into making some cheapo picture about a Secret Agent Man and he shuddered as he thought that even an Australian had played Bond once. Over at the Western set a stuntman lay in the dust his empty gun beside him and a crumpled star pinned to his jacket. He could hear the eerie laughter of the Ghost of Cecil B riding in a Cadillac De Ville or was it a '57 Fury?

In the end he was offered a film called Bikini Drag an el cheapo beach blanket bingo movie with a budget of $99. As he sipped his margarita in the cantina with Beguine the Bond humming in the background he thought well it's only a movie.