luni, 24 ianuarie 2011

Guitar Player Presents: Surf

This is an early nineties release now deleted. Second hand copies fetch around $40 on Amazon. Most critics rate this the most essential surf compilation to own. Produced by John Blair respected surf music discographer and surf guitar player himself (Jon and the Nightriders) and issued by Guitar Player a most respected publication, these are the surf guitar instrumentals they consider the cream of the crop. I know after I bought this CD I had to seek out as many of the artists featured as I could find. It really kick started my second interest in surf music and may have helped kick start the nineties boom in surf and exotica music now sadly over. I've never noticed a Volume 2, I think that would have been a kicker too.

As one fan says:

A quintessential must-have for any surf music fan, this collection is the best representation, so far, of the broad spectrum of styles that made up this genre of music!! Everyone from Dick Dale, The Ventures, The Chantays to lesser known acts such as The Crossfires, The Astronauts, and more are laid out in this beautiful eighteen song album. It features some of the greatest early guitar work as well as some hard to find surf instrumental gems!!