luni, 24 ianuarie 2011

Hombres - Let It All Hang Out

Well I managed to find the Hombres almost impossible to get single LP Let It All Hang Out on the net as 2 ripped sides of an LP with no tracklisting or cover. The title track of course is a great one hit wonder from 1967 featured in a few films the latest being Elizabethtown.

Now with cover scan kindly provided by Mike. I've separated all the tracks, depopped and normalized them and even found a track listing. I've reposted and its now available for your downloading pleasure. Some good tracks including a version of Gloria with 8 Miles High suddenly appearing half way through, you can also see where they got the chord progression for Let It All Hang Out. So remember, water drippin' up the spout but I don't care let it all hang out -

Hombres - Let It All Hang Out 1967

01 - Let It All Hang Out
02 - Little 2+2
03 - So Sad
04 - Gloria
05 - Am I High
06 - Mau Mau Mau
07 - This Little Girl
08 - Sorry 'Bout That
09 - Ya Ya
10 - Hey Little Girl
11 - Its a Gass