luni, 24 ianuarie 2011

Planet Xtabay milestone

To help Planet Xtabay celebrate 400,000 visits which will come up shortly here is a companion volume to his The Alien Planet compilation called the Beaches of Planet X.

All these tracks have planet in the title and three even feature Planet X.

From the surfy bongo sound of Fifty Foot Combo fresh from the beaches of Planet Belgium we also have some nice electronica courtesy of Kraftwerk and Orbital and even some groovy sitar work from the legendary Ananda Shankar.

So sit back turn your volume level to 11 and your reverb level to 13 and enjoy the Bitches err I mean Beaches of Planet X.

The Beaches of Planet X

01. Fifty Foot Combo - The Brain From Planet X.
02. Los Banditos - Fremder Planet
03. Kraftwerk - Planet Der Visionen
04. Orbital - Planet Of The Shapes
05. Los Straitjackets - Wrong Planet
06. Reventlos - Planet Reventlo
07. Chris Shahin - Water Planet
08. TCB Hit Squad - Beaches Of Planet X
09. Lemongrass - Planet Tears
10. Metalunas - Swingin Planet
11. Cusco - Seaplanet
12. Visit Venus - Planet O
13. Space Cossacks - Planet Of The Apes
14. Infrareds - Celluloid Planetoid
15. Ananda Shankar - Planet-X